Residential Shingle Roof

Residential Shingle Roof

Why should I use Your Professional Roofer?

At Your Professional Roofer, every job is overseen by your own personal project manager. His duties include ensuring all work is properly done, besides being the liaison between the client and the actual roofing crew. If a shortage of materials happens, or there’s something additional the crew may need, our project managers handle it. This allows our crew to continue working, and not running all over town trying to find supplies while the roof on your home is open to the elements.

We only use the very best shingles on the market GAF and Owens Corning, while utilizing the very best roofers we can find. Everyone at Your Professional Roofer is Background Checked, Drug Tested and Certified in Steep Slope Applications.

There are many different types of shingles offered for homeowners today. We like to look at it like a good, better, best starting at three-tab shingles offering a twenty-five your warranty all the way up to architectural and designer shingles offering fifty plus years.
Two of the biggest reasons shingle roofs last as long as they do:

  • A good shingle roof installer can go a long way, every roof Your Professional Roofer installs is done per Manufacture Specifications. This is the right way to do it, and if roofs aren’t installed according to the warranty it won’t hold up if you have issues in the future.
  • Another reason shingle roofs last long periods of time is due to correct ventilation. Shingle roofs must breath properly to get their life expectancy, otherwise the shingles overheat from the inside out losing their granules premature of their warranted life; thus, exposing the matting to the UV sunlight and elements.
While there are many colors and styles of shingle to choose from when deciding on a roof for your home, there are other options as well.
  • Metal Roofs – Are very appealing and look great, they are more expensive than shingles roofs but they also last longer, and you can put them over your existing shingle roof if you only have one layer.
  • Cedar Shake Roofs – Have a unique look to them and can often last a long time if properly maintained. These roofs need more care than shingle or metal roofs. If thinking about installing a Cedar Shake Roof on your home, make sure it has the correct fire rating your home insurance provider would like you to have. Also, make sure you have a robust underlayment with these types of roofs such as a double layer of felt, or even a synthetic underlayment.
  • Slate Roofs – Are some of the oldest roofs around and have the longest life expectancy of all roof systems. They look amazing especially with dated copper valleys and flashings. Often, we end up doing repairs on these roofs, because people want to keep the dated look of the tile on their homes. Very classy!
  • Tile Roofs – Last a very long time as well and are very tough as nails. The life of tile roofs can be extended through repairs in which Your Professional Roofer can match faded of broken tiles, so the look of your home’s roof stays consistent.
  • Synthetic Tile and Slate Roofs – Are often less expensive and look like the real thing. These roofs are a great option if you’re looking for that classic slate roof look, or a bold tile roof.
  • Designers Shingles – Also offer lots of options which look like slate or tile roofs. Often these roofs will have bold ridgelines to help beef up the look of the shingles themselves. If installed correctly these roofs can really make your roof look great!
  • Decra Roofs - The interlocking panels won’t crack, break, warp, curl or split and they are warranted for winds of up to 120 mph and against hail penetration. With the severe weather conditions, we have been experiencing, now is a great time for a DECRA stone coated steel roofing system to protect your home and family.
At Your Professional Roofer, we have many years of experience and training in the construction business, hands on, not just a theory. We’re not a marketing company interested in volume, each one of our roofs are unique to every homeowner. Our experienced staff has handled countless roof projects, insurance claims, and helping the homeowner properly handle the insurance process.

All work and material guaranteed to be “Best Quality”. We know which manufacturers may be having issues with their products and steer clients away from inferior roofing materials.

Quality of this level need not break the piggy bank! Find out why many discerning homeowners have used Your Professional Roofer, particularly in St. Charles County, Lake St. Louis, Chesterfield, Clayton, Ballwin, Ladue, St. Albans, Webster Groves and more throughout St. Louis County. We believe “Word of Mouth” advertising is the very best testament to our quality of work.

Finally, all estimates and roof inspections are 100% FREE. We can and will work around your schedule, that’s why our hours say open 24 hours a day. This company is built around our customer’s needs, call now for YOUR free estimate!


We use all the major brans shingles in the market!