Residential Low Slope

The materials used in residential low slope roof are exactly the same materials we use on our large commercial flat roofs:

Your Professional Roofer is a master of all types of commercial roofing and industrial roofing. We work with TPO, modified bitumen, elastomeric coatings and many more. Our team never stops learning about new ways to find the best possible service and solution for your business. It truly does not matter if it is a spot repair, a long term maintenance agreement, or a full roof replacement, Your Professional Roofer is the one to call for all your commercial roofing needs.

TPO: Thermo-Plastic Olephine, or more commonly TPO, is relatively new to the roofing market. It was created to be a product that was better than EDPM Rubber roofing, yet cheaper than PVC. TPO is installed using a hot air welder, which creates bonding at the seams that will not be penetrated by water. Due to its relatively low investment cost, TPO is used in place of PVC to create the same look and presentation.

Modified Bitumen: Modified bitumen is one of the most common options for low slope residential roofing. It is comprised of both asphalt and either plastic or rubber polymers creating a hard roofing surface that still retains both flexibility and UV resistance. This roofing option is thought of as the next stage in asphalt built-up roofing. This is because it is also applied in layers, and the number of layers determines the life span of the roof. It can be applied two different ways, by using a self-adhering product or with cold applied adhesive. Either option will ensure that water will not penetrate it causing costly repairs.

Elastomeric Coatings: Think of elastomeric coatings as a spray applied liquid that dries to become a monolithic waterproof membrane. It is used primarily as a sacrificial barrier on already sound roofs, but may be applied to various damaged substrates after proper repairing to prolong the life of the roof for up to 10 years!

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