Commercial Shingle / Metal Roofs

These jobs often require more attention because of their size and logistics.

Commercial steep slope roof projects often consist of the removal of an existing shingle currently on the building. Whether it’s one or several layers, making sure these areas of roofing are removed safely is our number one concern. Our crews set up the job site per OSHA Safety Standards to insure everyone is safe in the building as well as our crew members.

We only use the best shingles on the market and are certified with GAF™ and Owens Corning™. Through our certifications, we can offer our customers some of the best warranties in the business on your new roof.

Steep Slope Roofs

We Repair and Install:

Architectural Shingles: Typically have amazing color options and can really make your building look great if the right color is chosen. Architectural Shingle Roofs are typically more thick, thus giving it the longevity of a 50+ year shingle. These shingles often offer the most bang for the buck.

Three Tab Shingles: Are a great option as well, but often don’t offer the coloring options of the Architectural Shingle. These shingles have a 25-year warranty, and if installed correctly could outlast their Manufacturer Warranty.

Designer Shingles: There are many great types of designer shingles available to replicate either slate, cedar or tile roofs, amongst some other very beautiful roofs. These are typically the most expensive asphalt shingle roofs and offer the longest warranties.

Metal Roofs: Can offer a great look to your building giving it character to stand out among the buildings around yours. There are several different types of metal roofs, all offering a unique look. Standing Seam, Classic Ribbed Steel, Decra® and many more. The best way to give us an idea of what your organization is looking for is to take a few photos from the internet, or on your phone to help get you the right look for your building.

Slate Roofs: Slate roofs are some of the oldest steep slope roof systems around. We often end up doing repairs to these roofs because the building owners want keep the look of them. Old classic roofs that last forever if installed correctly!

Tile Roofs: These roofs are also long lasting, and can stand up to major weather events. In the Midwest you’ll see these roofs more on businesses like retail centers and restaurants. Often, we’ll do repairs on these roofs because they do last so long, with just a little TLC they can go a very long time.

Cedar Shake: These roofs have their own unique look to them, and tend to see them throughout our area. If not kept up to speed with occasional coating, they can dry out, crack and fail. This will often lead to expensive and less than desirable repairs, which are hard to match with the already aged cedar on the building. A main concern, if replacing your existing cedar roof with a new cedar shake roof, is the Fire Rating of the cedar shake itself. Your insurance company may require your organization to get a specific fire rated type of Cedar Shake to have installed on the building.